1 Week old, Genna and Blaze pups

Genna and Blaze Puppies are 1 week old and doing very well. Their eyes are still closed and they aren’t walking yet. But they are very good and finding and crawling to their momma! They eat and sleep a lot and are growing more every day. We weigh them twice a day to be sure all 11 are getting enough to eat. Genna is eating 4 times a day to be sure she is getting everything she needs as well. Please enjoy the pictures. Click each one to enlarge.

There is still availability in this litter. Please contact us if you are interested. Puppy Application found here. More information on the adoption process found here.

Yelow Collar 1 week White collar 1 week Tan collar boy 1 week Red Green Collar 1 week Red collar 1 week Purple yellow collar 1 week Purple Collar 1 week Light blue collar 1 week Green collar 1 week Blue Collar 1 week Black Collar 1 week Puppies 1 week Genna and Blaze Family 1 week