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How we select breeding stock and what ALAA verified means:


We take our jobs to heart here at Rainbow Row. From our inception we have hired trainers to come in when litters are 7 weeks of age to do independent and unbiased temperament evaluations and structure evaluations. We then have chosen our breeding stock based on the temperaments that we desire and the structural integrity of the puppy. We have done this for every litter and every breeding selection we have made. Doing this for many years has created a program of puppies with excellent and desired temperaments and structure. 


We also health test every dog intended for breeding and only breed if every test is passed. These test include and are not limited to having eyes examined by a board certified canine ophthalmologist every 12-18 months until retired, hips and elbows are x-rayed and examined by board certified orthopedist, hearts and patellas are examined by our vets, and we complete genetic testing by a certified lab to rule out multiple diseases. We make top health a huge priority in our breeding program. An important thing to understand is that not only are the parents of your puppy health tested, but so were the grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, and so on for many generations. This way of breeding and prioritizing health and breeding out awful diseases from our breed, is what gives us the confidence to give our clients a genetic health guarantee. 

Verified Pedigrees

Our dogs pedigrees are also verified by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Why is that important?

“The pedigree for your dog contains the lineage of ancestry information specific to your dog. This historical information tells a breeder about the very valuable heritage of the dog including size, colors, health information, and its origin. In sum, a dog’s pedigree is its identity and should be protected. The ALAA verifies every pedigree when submitted into its extensive database. The ALAA database is the original and largest database for the Australian Labradoodle and is exclusively proprietary. The ALAA works diligently to ensure the authenticity of dogs and puppies registered with its database. The information from each pedigree entered into the database is verified for accuracy and correctness and research is conducted when necessary.

Why is this so important?  In an age with advanced technology and means of sharing, it has become easier for falsifications, forgeries, and identity theft to take place. This highly sought after breed has created opportunities for unscrupulous, untrained, and dishonest breeders to copy a pedigree and represent it as their own.  Purchasing a puppy from an ALAA breeder offers families the peace of mind that comes with a verified pedigree.

An ALAA Verified Pedigree provides accuracy, protection, and peace of mind and should be the starting point of your search for a puppy.” -Australian Labradoodle Association of America,

Guardian Program

We have a well run guardian program that allows for each of our breeding dogs to be placed in an environment where each and every dog has their own family from 8 weeks of age and for their entire lives. Our dogs are often the only pet in these homes and they are all spoiled, loved, pampered by their guardians as well as watched over by us. They are retired and ownership is transferred to their guardian family. This allows for our dogs to have the very best lives that every dog deserves to have!

These facts are vital in choosing a breeder and in understanding what makes our program and our dogs stand out. We pour a lot of love into what we do here and we hope that you can feel that as we welcome you into our Rainbow Row Doodle family!