2 Week old Puppies (Genna and Blaze)

Genna and Blaze pups are now 2 weeks old. They are starting to walk and eyes are beginning to open. Picture taking is starting to get more difficult as they are becoming more active. They are all doing great! Genna is handling motherhood like a pro. She is still eating 4 full meals a day to keep up with nourishing all 11 babies. Enjoy the pictures. Click each one to enlarge.

There is still availability in this large litter. If interested, please contact us at rainbowrowlabradoodles@gmail.com or visit the Adoption page (click here) for more information.

Yellow Collar 2 weeks White Collar 2 weeks Tan Collar 2 weeks Red Collar 2 weeks Red and Green Collar 2 weeks Blue Collar 2 weeks Green Collar 2 weeks Light Blue Collar 2 weeks Purple and Yellow Collar 2 weeks Purple Collar 2 weeks Black collar 2 weeks