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At Rainbow Row Labradoodles the health of your puppy is our priority. We are always researching dog food and staying up to date on the latest nutritional information. Life’s Abundance dog food is fresher, safer, and more nutritious than anything else we have found. In a world of recall’s, I’m relieved to know that they have never had a single recall. All ingredients are human grade, NO by products, NO artificial color, NO artificial flavor, NO
wheat, NO corn, NO Chemical Preservatives. It is one of the few brands with live prebiotics and
probiotics, along with anti-oxidents, to boost the immune system. To preserve freshness, LA does not sell their food in stores, thereby eliminating the middleman who may store it in warehouses for long periods of time, making it more susceptible to contaminants. Instead, they produce their food in small batches, and ships it directly to you.

Click on the link below and read all about LA. Be sure to watch the videos and use the Pet Food
Calculator to complete your research. LA was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic approach Veterinarian. Read her biography and see her dedication! It is made in the USA to ensure quality and nutrition.

The LA’s Puppy food may be fed until 6 months of age, then switch over to the 40 lb. bag of All
Stage Life Stages. Make sure you click Autoship in order to get wholesale price. You can
adjust your auto ship items and shipping time at any time before it ships. Our dogs also love the
canned food and Tasty Reward Treats.

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We also feed our dogs Nuvet vitamins as an immune system builder, to maintain healthy skin and coats, and overall health. For your convenience, you can order from the link below. If you select the autoship option, you will save 15%.

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