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At Rainbow Row Labradoodles the health of your puppy is our priority. We are always researching dog food and staying up to date on the latest nutritional information.

The best thing anyone can do for their dog is to feed a raw diet. Many are scared by this because of prep, costs, and misinformation. The facts are that it will cost less in the long run because of fewer health problems meaning far fewer vet bills. If you pick a food that is AAFCO approved you do not have to add a thing to these meals. They are a complete diet. And you can even pick a gently cooked formula if you don’t like prepping raw meat. Some you will have to thaw but some are scoop and serve. No thawing needed. It’s simple, easy and the healthiest option there is.
Our recommendations for the cleanest and best raw complete diets:
Steve’s raw (number 1)
Open Farm
Small Batch
Stella and chewy
The second best thing you can feed your dog is a freeze dried raw. It’s shelf stable. It’s raw- just freeze dried so it loses some nutrients. However, still better than kibble.
Our recommendations:
Bixbi Rawwble (number 1)
Open Farm
Small Batch
Stella and chewy
The third best option is kibble. We recommend kibble from family owned companies that are not made in large factories with other products like toothpaste. We also watch recall history. If you are going to feed kibble we recommend the following brands:
Life’s abundance
There are more, please contact me at any time to ask about any certain kibble. YOU MUST MAINTAIN A HIGH QUALITY DIET TO KEEP YOUR HEALTH GUARANTEE INTACT.
Please always check for your foods ratings and recall history before purchasing. You can reach out us anytime for questions. Please know where your dog’s food is made and sign up for recall notices from dog food advisor.
IF you want to make your dogs food that is great but PLEASE BE SURE ITS A COMPLETE DIET which means adding bone, organs, taurine and preferably green lipid muscle in addition to a protein, fruits, vegetables and ideally pumpkin, a probiotic, and goats milk. Meals must be complete diets or your dog will suffer tremendously. This is why we recommend ones premade for you and approved by AAFCO such as Steve’s.
Keep in mind that you can feed kibble and mix in some raw or freeze dried if you can’t do 100% raw or freeze dried. Some raw is better than none. But please adjust meal sizes accordingly so to not overfeed.
Meal toppers:
Please choose something healthy like Bixbi Rawwble or Steve’s raw food over canned foods that aren’t very high quality. Green beans, freeze dried minnows, ect are great as well. Single ingredient and fresh, raw or freeze dried is better than anything processed.
I’m always here for questions! In addition to raising these dogs for over 15 years now, I own a dog wellness store and we are always learning and keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest in dog health (which is ironically an ancestral diet from the beginning of time).


We also feed our dogs Nuvet vitamins as an immune system builder, to maintain healthy skin and coats, and overall health. For your convenience, you can order from the link below. If you select the autoship option, you will save 15%.

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