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Puppy Training

Training your dog is crucial for the happiness of your dog, your family, and peace within your home. This takes commitment, time, and consistency, even though labradoodles are smart and easily trainable. There are different methods and we encourage you to select the one the best fits your family. Scroll down for more information. 


You and your dog can sign up for classes with a trainer. This can be a group setting in public or at a training facility or private lessons at your home. You will train with your dog and practice what you learn in between lessons. You will need to locate a local trainer for this. Ask for recommendations from trusted friends or your vet.  We encourage positive reinforcement training or balanced training. 



You can enroll your dog in boarding style training where he/she will live with the trainer for 2-4 weeks. Be sure this trainer provides you with a list of skills guaranteed and to visit the grounds to ensure it’s clean and a calm, loving environment. Be sure the trainer requires vaccine records and signs a contract to be responsible for the care of your dog while there. Also, get references! This can be a great style to choose if your lifestyle is busy, but please know that you MUST continue practicing the skills learned or your dog will lose them. You always lose what you don’t use!


This is our favorite method currently given the global pandemic and social distancing requirements. Baxter and Bella is an online training resource that provides you with hundreds of training videos AND access to a trainer with UNLIMITED 20 minute phone calls! Use Code: RAINBOWROW for 25% off of a lifetime membership enrollment (regularly $238, now $178.50).