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About Us

Bo 9 weeks Marley Porter sq

About Rainbow Row

Our love of labradoodles started with two female labradoodles that were spayed as puppies and have been our pets for the last 10 years, Kylie and Isabella. These girls have brought so much joy to our home that we decided to dedicate lots of time and attention to breeding very healthy, smart, lovable labradoodles to share. This lead us to the adoption of Genna, our foundation girl. She has since retired and we are breeding her progeny. We concentrate on high quality puppies, with the best health and temperaments we can provide. All of our dogs live indoors and we hand raise all of our puppies in our home giving them tons of love and attention. Our puppies are very well socialized with our children and with our family pets, such as cats, and other farm animals.

We are a Breeder Member of ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) and have been awarded the Silver and Gold Paw Breeder status. This means that we test our breeding stock extensively and uphold the ALAA Breeder Rules, Code of Ethics and Standards as we strive to produce the healthiest and highest quality puppies for your family. You can read more about the testing we do to our breeding stock in the “Our Doodles” section. If you click on the logos in the footer they will bring you to the appropriate website that further explains our Code of Ethics, Paw Breeder program, our 2 year Health Guarantee, and OFA testing.

We are also awarded with Gooddog’s Excellent Breeder status. Gooddog is a great resource for dog parents and breeders alike. 

Our trainer temperament tests every litter for us to help us select our breeding stock, as well as help guide families with matching to the perfect dog. This third party temperament testing is a huge asset to our program. 

Interesting fact: The name “Rainbow Row” came from Charleston, South Carolina’s famous Rainbow Row on East Bay street along the Battery. We started our business in Charleston and have since relocated to SW Georgia. 

We welcome any questions you have and try to respond within 24 hours. See the “Contact Us” section to send us an email or give us a call.

Visitation Policy: We do not allow visitation when we have puppies under the age of 10 weeks. This policy is in the best interest of the puppies, to keep them safe from communicable diseases. The one exception is for potential buyers to pick out their puppy, but this must be approved and scheduled (after the Puppy Application approval). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping keep our puppies safe and healthy!