Kali’s Pups are 2 Weeks Old!

Kali and Benz’s pups are 2 weeks old and doing great! Kali is being a great mom so they are well fed, warm, and clean. Their eyes are starting to open and they are learning how to move around little better. However, they only eat and sleep still at this age. Currently, there are 3 spots open in this litter! They will vary in size from 25 to 35 pounds. The girls are on the pink blanket and the one boy is on the green blanket. Please return the completed puppy application from our website to be considered for one of Kali’s pups! Enjoy the pictures!

Our color surprises are coming to light! The black pigment is starting to fill in on puppies with black noses and the caramel is starting to show on the 3 parti puppies! More color descriptors are in the photo gallery below!