Kali’s Pups are 1 Week Old!

Kali and Benz’s puppies are 1 week old. They have already grown so much. They still can’t see or hear but they get to mom just fine. Kali is taking great care of them. They are going to be mediums, maybe some small mediums as well, but we will get a better estimate when they are older. We have THREE spots open on this litter. Two of those spots are guaranteed to be female because there is only one male out of her 8 beautiful puppies with silky fleece coats. Remember that the white puppies will have caramel spots fill in later and will be caramel or apricot parti. These puppies will be stunning, just like her last litter, so don’t delay. If you are interested, please return the completed puppy application. They go home on Feb 6th. Enjoy the pictures!