Marley’s Puppies Are 5 Weeks Old!

Marley’s puppies are 5 weeks old and doing very well. They are fully weaned and eating softened kibble, playing outside, being socialized, learning how to play with new toys, exploring new textures, new environments, and learning how to climb and tunnel. They slept ALL night last night in crates with no crying and no accidents. It’s getting difficult to capture pictures because they love to move and play so please enjoy these candids that I had to work very hard for.


purple-collar-boy-5-weeks-marley yellow-collar-5-weeks-marley yellow-collar-5-weeks-marley-2 pink-collar-5-weeks-marley pink-collar-5-weeks-marley-2 blue-collar-girl-5-weeks-marley blue-collar-5-weeks-marley-2