Marley and Champ pups are 4 weeks old!

Here they are! Four weeks and growing. They are eating on their own but still nursing from mom as well. They are learning how to play and it is so fun to watch. Tomorrow they will likely have their first outdoor experience as they learn about the big wide world! There are two pictures of each puppy below and a short video on our Facebook page. Enjoy!


yellow-collar-girl-4-weeks-2-marley yellow-collar-girl-4-weeks-1-marley purple-collar-boy-4-weeks-2-marley purple-collar-boy-4-weeks-1-marley pink-collar-girl-4-weeks-2-marley pink-collar-girl-4-weeks-1-marley blue-collar-girl-4-weeks-2-marley blue-collar-girl-4-weeks-1-marley