Genna/Blaze Puppies are 5 Weeks Old!

Our 5 weeks old puppies enjoyed their first outdoor experience today! They will get more and more outside time as the week progresses as well as more socialization with people and other dogs. Being outside give them the opportunity to explore new sights, sounds, and smells as well as different textures like grass and dirt. They also start learning the concept that it is best to potty outside. They are playing a lot more now and really enjoyed some games of chase with each other in the yard today. They are eating softened kibble now and rarely nurse. Enjoy the pictures! Click each one to enlarge.

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, please contact us.

yellow collar 5 weeks white collar 5 weeks Tan collar 5 weeks red green collar 5 weeks Red collar 5 weeks purple yellow 5 weeks purple collar 5 weeks light blue collar 5 weeks Green collar 5 weeks Blue collar 5 weeks Black collar 5 weeks