Genna/Blaze Puppies are 4 weeks old!

Our sweet babies are getting more active by the day. They are learning to play with each other and with toys. They are eating 3 meals a day and still nursing. I gave them their first baths tonight. It was needed after a week of learning to eat food. And bathing them a few times now helps to de-sensitize them to bath-time and the blow-dryer so this will be a fun or at least tolerable activity in the future. It is raining here today so Genna gets wet every time she goes out. Sooooo, after I spent so much time drying the babies, she came in from the rain and nursed them, making their faces wet just in time for pictures. Maybe we will have better luck next week! Speaking of momma Genna, today is her 3rd birthday! Enjoy the pictures.

There is still availability in this litter. If you are interested, please fill out the puppy application or contact us with any questions or concerns.

Yellow Collar 4 weeks

White Collar 4 weeks

Tan collar 4 weeks

Red green collar 4 weeks

Red Collar 4 weeks

Purple Yellow Collar 4 weeks

Purple Collar 4 weeks

light blue collar 4 week

Green Collar 4 weeks

Blue Collar 4 weeks

Black collar 4 weeks