The Puppies are 2 Weeks Old! New Pictures!

The puppies are growing more every day. They are starting to walk and eyes are peaking open. Genna is doing great and they are all eating well. We can hardly handle the cuteness! If you wish to join the reservation list (3 are available) for this litter, please fill out the Puppy Application and visit the Adoption page. We are available for immediate assistance at 843-754-2633.


Click each picture to enlarge.


Black Collar 2 wks Blue Collar 2 wks Green Collar 2 wks Pink Collar 2 wks Purple Collar 2 wks Yellow Collar 2 wks White Collar 2 wks WHite Collar 2 wks 2 Red Collar 2 wks Genna's Litter 2 wks