Genna’s Puppies are 1 Week old! New Pictures…

Everyone is growing and doing great. The puppies still mostly just eat and sleep. Genna is being a great mom and eating well and taking care of herself as well as the puppies. We are so happy with the coats and builds of the pups and can’t wait to see them grow and watch personalities develop. Enjoy the pictures! Click on each picture to enlarge. Visit the [highlight dark=”no”]Adoption tab[/highlight]¬†for details on the adoption process. The Puppy Application can be found [highlight dark=”no”]here[/highlight].

Black Collar 1 week

White Collar 1 week

Purple Collar 1 week

Red Collar 1 week

Green Collar 1 week

Pink Collar 1 week

Yellow Collar 1 week

Blue Collar 1 week