New Puppies! Newborn pictures here!

Genna delivered 8 beautiful puppies May 13th, 2015. Here are there newborn pictures. You would think it’s easy to photograph 1 day old puppies, but it isn’t! They are moving around a LOT and always looking for momma. They are beautiful and have silky, shiny fleece coats. Please click on each picture to enlarge, some puppies have more than one picture. If you would like to reserve a puppy, please fill out the puppy application (4 puppies are available). Call 843-754-2633 for more information.

Genna's litter 2015 newborn 3

Genna's litter newborn 2015

Yellow Collar newborn

Yellow Collar newborn 2

White Collar newborn

White Collar newborn 2

Red Collar newborn

Red Collar Newborn 2

Purple Collar newborn

Pink Collar newborn

Pink Collar newborn 2

Lt Blue Collar newborn

Lt Blue Collar newborn 2

Green Collar Newborn

Black Collar newborn 2

Back collar newborn