Adalida’s Pups are 6 Weeks Old!

Adalida and Fraser’s pups are 6 weeks old! The sun is out today and you can see how shiny and luscious their coats are. These guys have top of the line, Gucci quality coats that will be thick, soft, silky, and stunning. They also have the sweetest and most loving temperaments like their parents.

They are learning to eat well from a bowl and being socialized a lot more with different textures, sounds, smells and sights. It’s been a fun week!

You don’t want to miss out on this and we only have a few spots open! We have a few rare colors here and they are truly stunning. Temperament evaluations are this Friday and we will match to waiting families right after. Submit the application for for these mini’s! They go home on March 22nd. Enjoy the pictures!