Adalida’s Pups are 4 Weeks Old!

Adalida and Fraser’s stunning pups are 4 weeks old! We are incredibly excited about these puppies because there are several firsts for us plus some phenomenal patterns. We have Fraser’s first mini chocolate puppy. We have our first black puppies in maybe 8 years. We have two roans, one black and one chocolate! And our first mini blacks, and first true mini roans. These puppies are going to have amazing builds, coats, temperaments and health due to their parents, grandparents, ect. These puppies will have it all!!! We have availability and a lot of girls (one boy) and you will want to apply now to have several puppies to choose from. The pups are exploring more this week, learning more about the world, greatly expanding socialization and getting cuter by the day. Adalida is still doing great and being an awesome mom! These puppies go home on March 24th. Apply now in the link below! Enjoy the pictures!