Emee’s Pups are 7 Weeks Old!

Emee and Gibson’s puppies are approaching 7 weeks old already! They had temperament tests today and are ready to match with their waiting families. This week we work on night time crate training and see out vet one more time! These puppies have PHENOMENAL thick and luscious coats. They are a quiet and snuggly bunch and we sure will miss them. There are a few puppies available in this litter so apply NOW. We will post very soon specifically who is available with a few details on each puppy. Enjoy the pictures!

Don’t forget that our parents are thoroughly health tested by specialist and held to a high standard of passing before they are able to breed, including a panel of genetic tests. Our puppies go home with a 2 year genetic health guarantee because of this. And our breeding stock is chosen from litters that come from health tested parents, great grandparents, and so on for many generations. They are chosen based on conformation and temperament testing, as was the many generations before. Once our puppies go home we stand by a lifetime of support to our families. Our dogs are all ALAA verified, meaning that you can rest assured the pedigree is legitimate. This is what sets us apart.¬†