Emee’s Pups are 3 weeks old!

*Availability- Mini’s for Christmas* Emee and Gibson’s puppies are almost 3 weeks old! Exciting things are happening like their eyes and ears are opening. They are learning how to walk just a bit. Emee is still taking such great care of them, keeping them fed and clean. They can regulate their own body temperature now. And they are excited to see what else they can do on their own, like curious toddlers. There are TWO very coveted spots open on this litter. This is Emee’s retirement litter so it’s your last chance to own a precious Emee pup. They are well known and so well loved by their families. Please submit the puppy application from our website to be considered. They are minis and are sure to be perfect in every way. They go home for Christmas!! Enjoy the pictures!