Zoe’s Pups are 6 Weeks Old!

Zoe and Hudson’s puppies are 6 weeks old! Read below and please share our availability. They have had their first vaccines, have learned about a lot of new sounds smells, textures, people, animals and and much more. Next week they have temperament evaluations and will be ready to match with families. We have a lot of availability in this litter. They are mediums, some small mediums, some larger mediums. They go home on March 4th. Here is a list of reasons that you should apply on our website for one of these puppies:

-They have a very high quality coat that is a silky fleece that we have worked for years to develop; that typically sheds only like human hair, which is not not noticeable. Most refer to this as non-shedding, however we are very technical over here.

-They are very cute, which was also developed over years and the use of dogs from other very reputable breeders with verifiable pedigrees. Structure is very important to us because it is important to your dog.

-They all have ALAA verified pedigrees. That means we know the ancestory and health testing of ancestors for many generations.

-They have been seen by our vet multiple times before going home and go home with a USDA Health Certificate.

-Hudson is OFA CHIC certified which is a very high honor for our ALD’s and a sign of excellent health. His genetics from California are very special. You can see it in the coats and heads of these pretty puppies.

-We stand by our two year genetic health guarantee and are confident in that because of the extensive health testing each of our breeding dogs receive.

-We test each parent for a list of genetic diseases, see an ophthalmologist for annual eye exams, and have hips, elbows, cardiac and patellas cleared by OFA.

-We have temperament tested for many, many years so our puppies have wonderful abilities to be intuitive, athletic, loving, smart, and trainable.

-We socialize them well to children, adults, a variety of pets, and many sounds, smells, and textures.

-We have been breeding for almost 10 years and have ALAA board experience to offer you amazing support. While we don’t know everything, we have resources to help! We always offer a lifetime of support.

-Guardian Program. Each of our breeding dogs lives a pampered lifestyle as a pet with their very own family, often times the only pet in the home, getting all of the love and attention for their entire lifetime. They do not ever live in kennels or have to be retired and sold. They are with one family from 8 weeks of age and fore the rest of their spoiled lives, just how it should be.

-We operate on a high moral and ethical code for our dogs and for our people.

Submit the application from our website to be matched with your new best friend!