Shiloh’s Puppies are 3 Weeks Old!

*Availability* Shiloh and Artie’s puppies are 3 weeks old! Their eyes are open and they are starting to walk just a bit. Shiloh is keeping them well fed so they are adorably chunky. They still only eat and sleep at this age for the most part. We keep their space clean and dry, trim nails, weigh them, and Shiloh does the rest. We have also started socializing them a bit more, but in a home with other pets and children a lot of that just comes with the territory, which is a huge help to getting these babies off to a great start! There is one coveted spot left in this retirement litter. They are mediums and have awesome coats. They go home on July 2nd, which is a great time for potty training and bonding! Enjoy the pictures!