Kali’s Puppies are 5 Weeks Old!

Kali and Benz’s puppies are 5 weeks old! They are CUTE as can be, so far most are still small (mini sized), and have amazing straight to wavy fleece coats. They will have awesome temperaments like their parents. This week we will work on more socialization, which creates happy and confident puppies, and learning to eat more from a bowl. These puppies are so beautiful and I cannot believe there are still THREE spots open in this litter. Considering, the health, temperament, coats, and size, I imagine these puppies will go quickly once they reach the cuter/fluffier ages of 7-8 weeks. Please return the completed puppy application from my website to be considered. There is only 1 male in this litter, so please be open to females and any color if you apply. Enjoy the pictures!