Kali’s Puppies are 4 Weeks Old!

Kali and Benz’s puppies are 4 weeks old! They are moving about more and learning to play in the short minutes they are awake after a meal but before it’s off to puppy dream land again. They will start socializing more in the coming weeks as we introduce them to many new things about the world. It’s os fun watching them learn to be a puppy and developing their own little personalities. 

These puppies are caramel, apricot, and parti. Yellow girl’s parti spots have some in under her ears, so she appears to be snow white. Kali had 7 girls and 1 boy. 

There are THREE spots open in this litter! Kali is loyal to her people and wants to be close. Benz has a therapy temperament and together they make the sweetest babies. There will be some minis in this litter and small mediums. Please submit the completed puppy application to apply.