Emee and Gibson Pups are 1 Week Old!

Emee and Gibson’s puppies are 1 week old! They are thriving. Emee is being such a good mom and she is doing well also. The puppies still have closed eyes and ears and they spend all day and night eating or sleeping. Sleeping is important because they are growing and developing quickly. These puppies are super adorable and will only get cuter by the day. The girls are on pink blankets and the boys are on green blankets. There is ONE spot still available in this litter. Please submit the puppy application if you are interested. Applicant must be open to either gender or color to be considered. Do not ask me which puppy is available. Please see the Adoption Process page for more information and the Availability page for details on this litter/parents. The Our Doodles page has health testing info on the parents. Enjoy the pictures!!