Zoe’s puppies are 4 Weeks Old!

Zoe and Gibson’s puppies are 4 weeks old! They are learning to eat from a bowl, getting adjusted to a new playroom, and starting to socialize more. We are excited to watch them continue to grow and develop. We don’t like to estimate weights until they are 7 weeks old, but due to the size uncertainty from the beginning, we are watching their weights and think that Green will be a medium at 30-35 pounds, Blue a small medium 25-30 pounds, and black, red, orange, pink and purple will likely be around 25 pound minis. We will have new and better estimates ready at 7 weeks of puppy selections. Today I gave up one of my breeder spots and had a family move to a later litter due to a work conflict, so we now have THREE spots open in this litter. All 3 will likely be male selections. Please complete and return the puppy application from my website to be considered. Enjoy the pictures!