Ember and Gibson’s litter is here! 8/30/21

Ember and Gibson welcomed 8 beautiful puppies into the world on 8/30/21. They are mini mulitgen Australian Labradoodles (this is the only breed we have here, but in medium and mini, these are mini.)

This is our very own Gibson’s, first litter! Gibson hales from Barksdale Labradoodles in Mississippi. We were honored to purchase him from Barksdale as a puppy and are thrilled to see his first litter on the ground. Everyone that meets Gibson falls in love with him. He is gorgeous, silly, lovable, and super snuggly and fun. We are so excited to watch these puppies grow and develop. 

They are in shades of caramel and apricot (also cream). The only difference in caramel and apricot (and cream) is the pigment in the eye rims, nose, gums, and foot pads. Caramel puppies have liver (brown/pink) pigment in those areas and apricot and cream puppies will have black pigment. Those that are going to have black pigment aren’t born black, it takes 2-3 weeks to develop. So today, they all seem to be in different shades of caramel; caramel cream, caramel, and caramel red. In a few weeks we will know if any are cream or apricot. 

There are 5 girls and 3 boys. Due to a much larger than anticipated litter size, we have 3 spots available! They won’t last long. I can guarantee that the next applicant will have the choice of a boy, but I cannot guarantee the choice of a girl. At this time, applicants must be open to choosing a boy or either gender. Female only applicants may be denied. Please note that temperament is not determined by gender and there are no gender specific behaviors to expect. We require spay/neuter by 7 months of age so each puppy will be desexed. Male puppies make absolutely fabulous companions. 

To be considered for one of these spots, please fill in the puppy application from our website and email it back to me. Application