Nahla and Artie’s Pups are 3 Weeks Old!

Nahla and Artie’s pups are 3 weeks old and starting to explore. They had their first vert visit for deworming this week. Their eyes are fully open, they can walk well, and they are starting to learn how to play and socialize. Nahla is taking such great care of them and of herself. It’s been wonderful watching these guys grow and develop. Nahla is so soulful and sweet, makes great eye contact and will no doubt pass that along to her retirement litter.

There are 3 puppies still available in this litter, they won’t last long, so if you’re interested, please send in the puppy application to be considered. This is your last chance to have a sweet companion from Nahla.

A video is posted on our Facebook page!

This was sent in from a puppy parent of Nahla’s last litter: “I know that you have spots still available in Nahla’s current litter and thought I would share with you our pup from her last litter. We were last pick and wanted a boy, and honestly were a little disappointed, BEFORE, we brought her home! We could not ask for a better puppy and addition to our family! She’s smart, loving, adorable and beautiful! We have been so happy with her that we decided immediately to add another puppy from Nahla and Artie to our family right away. I guess what I’m saying, is whether it’s 1st pick or last pick, you breed quality pups! We can’t wait to welcome our newest puppy!”

Here are a few pictures from Nahla and Artie’s previous litters and then a gallery of pictures from her current litter:

Current Litter: