Emery and Parson Puppies are 2 Weeks Old!

They are learning to move around better, eyes are peaking open, and they sure are growing! These guys still only eat and sleep as they are growing so very fast and that requires a lot of energy. Their black pigment is filling in, so we now know that Pink, Purple, White, and Black collar will all have black pigment on the nose, eye rims, gums, paw pads, making them Apricot in color. Blue and Red Collar are now officially Caramel Red in color (liver/brown/pink pigment on the nose, eye rims, gums, paw pads). Emery (mom) has darkened as she aged and Parson(dad) has lightened with age. It will be interesting and fun to see who gets darker and who gets lighter as they grow! Black collar was being very photogenic so I took several pictures of him today. The 3 girls are on pink and you can see their collar colors. The 3 boys are on blue and two boys are labeled, the rest are black collar. Enjoy!