Marley and Porter puppies are 5 weeks old!

These sweet and lovable, chunky little babes are growing and getting more adorable by the day. They are eating from a bowl 3 times a day, playing and sleeping a lot, and will start spending time outside on Monday. It’s been in the mid 90’s here so we have pushed back the outside experience a few days. Starting Monday they will spend time outside in the mornings only, as it still will be in the 90’s in the afternoon. They are being socialized by several families that live nearby and enjoyed 3 different visits today. Marley’s retirement litter is something special and there is limited time and availability for you to bring home a Marley puppy. There are two openings in this litter. Please call us for information or fill out the puppy application and email it back to me. Enjoy this weeks pictures. Videos are on our Facebook page, if you have seen them yet.