Emery and Ollie’s Pups are 4 weeks old!

The puppies are 4 weeks old and growing so fast! They are playful, yet still sleep a lot, and still love to eat! They are eating 3 times a day from a bowl and still nursing. They had their first vet visits last week and are microchipped. We are excited to watch these little personalities develop!


Emery White Collar Girl 4 wks Emery Teal Collar Girl 4 wks Emery Red Collar Girl 4 wks Emery Purple Collar girl 4 wks Emery Pink Collar Girl 4 wks Emery Blue Collar Boy 4 wks


This gem was captured by my little one and a bit out of focus 😉 I wanted to share it to give you an idea of their size. Enjoy!


Emery Purple Collar oof 4 wks