Emery and Ollie’s Puppies are 2 Weeks Old!

The puppies are 2 weeks old and doing great! They are gaining weight, learning to walk, and some are starting to open their eyes. Soon they will be moving around and playing and we will have fun pictures to share! For now they still sleep and eat a lot. Emery is being a great mother and she is happy and content caring for them and hanging out with us. Because the puppies are so young there aren’t a lot of differences to share yet. But I can say that White Collar Girl is petite while Blue Collar boy is a chunk! Blue Collar boy also has some lighter brown highlights to his chocolate coat. Teal Collar girl has a few very small white markings that may not be very visible as her coat lengthens. They are all beautiful and we are so excited to watch them grown and develop! Enjoy the pictures!


Emery white 2 weeks Emery teal 2 weeks Emery red collar best 2 weeks Emery purple 2 weeks Emery Pink 2 weeks Emery blue 2 weeks