7 Week Puppy Pictures

These puppies are getting too active for my photography skill level! We had a very busy day here with puppy selection, website updates, and paperwork, so excuse the less than ideal lighting and the fact these pictures were a little rushed. I know you all want to see your babies, so here they are! They are all doing very well eating plain, hard kibble, and are getting the idea of potty training. They will undergo more crate training this week and preparations for their home-goings! Exciting times for excited families!


Red Collar boy and Black Collar boy are available. They have their own separate blog entries with lots of pictures and descriptions of each. Please fill out the Puppy Application if you are interested. Details for adopting can be found on the Adoption Page. For immediate assistance, please call 843-754-2633.


Yellow 7 weeks 2 Yellow 7 weeks 1 White 7 weeks 2 White 7 weeks 1 Red 7 weeks 2 Red 7 weeks 1 Purple 7 weeks Purple 7 weeks 2 Pink 7 weeks 2 Pink 7 weeks 1 Green 7 weeks green 7 weeks 2 Blue 7 weeks Black 7 weeks 2 Black 7 weeks 1