August Puppy Update

We are finally settled in our new home near Albany, Georgia, which is only about 2 hours from Florida and Alabama. It’s a rural area and our dogs and family are loving the space!

Genna is getting further along in her pregnancy and seems to be doing great. Our whelping supplies are starting to fill the cabinets as we anxiously anticipate the big day. From the ultrasound, we expect at least 5 puppies. But ultrasound isn’t the best way to count them. We will do an x-ray on August 30th to get an official count and then wait on September 7th to arrive! We are very excited to meet these babies and hope that you are also! Three are reserved for their “fur-ever” homes. Contact us today if you wish to find your companion in a Rainbow Row Labradoodle.

Warm regards,
Rainbow Row Labradoodles