Magnolia’s Pups are 6 Weeks Old!

*Our Only Medium puppies this summer*

Magnolia and Hudson’s pups are 6 weeks old and cute as can be. They are loving, smart, fun, and so beautiful! If you want a very soft, silky straighter coat, these are the ones! They are so shiny and of the highest quality coat. They are still low to non-shedding and will be absolutely stunning as adults. 

Hudson is OFA CHIC certified which is such an honor for out breed, the only breed outside of the AKC allowed in. Magnolia and Hudson are both tested to the Gold Paw standard of the ALAA and Hudson beyond. 

This week they had their first set of vaccines and a great vet visit. Next week they have temperament testing and match with waiting families. 

Get on this reservation list now to match with your new best friend. They go home July 14th!