Dreamer and Gibson Puppy Announcement!

If you were wanting a mini pup later in Summer this litter is for you! If you wanted a pup with a little more curl, this litter is for you! They will not have wool coats like a poodle, but some will have a curly fleece while others have a wavy fleece and some have a straighter fleece. They are going to be regal! And Gibson’s time is running out here to be a dad so if you want a Gibson puppy this litter is for you! They go home July 14th.¬†

These sweet and loving pups were born on May 20th and are mini ALD’s. There are 6 boys and 1 girl! Dreamer is so affectionate, smart and dedicated to her humans. Gibson is affection, athletic, loyal and one of a kind. Apply now to have your very own adorable new best furry friend. Gibson is also OFA CHIC certified while Dreamer and Gibson have passed health testing to the Gold Paw level of the ALAA. Enjoy the pictures!