Kali and Benz Welcomed Puppies! 8/31/22

Kali and Benz welcomed 8 beautiful puppies on 8/31/22! There are 2 boys and 6 girls. The boys are on a green blanket and the girls are on the flower blanket. They are all caramel (pink/brown noses) and apricot (black noses) and parti. The black pigment on noses, pawpaws, and eye rims will take about two weeks to fill in for those that are apricot. The two puppies that appear very white are the parti pups and the caramel spots will be seen better as they get older. They are all beautiful and have gorgeous fleece coats. Kali is being a great mom and is a total pro at this gig as it’s her third and final litter. Currently, this litter is fully reserved. Please check back later as things constantly change around here. Enjoy the pictures!