Zoe and Gibson welcomed puppies yesterday! 10/4/2021

Zoe and Gibson welcomed 7 beautiful puppies yesterday! Zoe is taking well to motherhood and the puppies are all healthy and content. These puppies will likely be in a range of sizes from mini to medium, but we will know more in the communing weeks as we watch them grow. What we do know for sure is that they are absolutely beautiful in shades of caramel with beautiful fleece coats, some have some small white markings. There is one spot open in this litter, and possibly more as we go through the reservations in the next day or so. I am currently only taking applications that are open to either gender or male only for the remaining opening. I do highly encourage matches based on temperament and not gender, gender roles are irrelevant in spayed and neutered dogs. Zoe had 5 males and 2 females, the females are on white blankets. Please send in the puppy application from my website to be considered for this litter. They will go home on Nov 28th. Enjoy the pictures! Green has an extra picture due to a photobomber.