Marley and Texas Pups are now 2 weeks old and 2 puppies are available!

These puppies are starting to walk about a little and their eyes are just starting to peak open. They are gaining weight like champs and are so solid! Marley is still being such a great mom to them! We are seeing some clearer definition in colors for the lighter puppies. Take a look! We have 2 reservation spots open in this litter! Please fill out the puppy application found here and email it to us if you are interested. The adoption fee and process can be found on the adoption page here. Call us at 843-754-2633 for immediate information.


Black Collar boy is a frosted apricot. His coat could darken as he gets older. His black nose and paws will fill in soon.

Teal Collar Girl is a cream puppy (black nose and paws will fill in soon).

White Collar is a caramel parti. Her nose and paws will stay a liver color.